On Dec. 20th 2013 Waka Flocka Flame little brother Kayo Redd died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His family held a lavish funeral for him on Jan. 6th 2014 in Atlanta GA. 


KayO Redd, whose real name was Coades Scott was an aspiring rapper, and followed the footsteps of his older brother Waka Flocka and mother Debra Antney who is a respected celebrity manager.


According to RumorFix.com:

''Kayo’s mom asked that no one wear black because “Kayo was full of life and color” and it appears most people obliged. The musician’s music was played at the service along with a montage of pictures of his young life. Several hundred friends, family and fans attended the Home Going Services in the small Georgia town of Conley (population 6,188).

The crowd literally shut down several streets as they walked in a procession behind a horse-drawn carriage carrying the body of Kayo, who died of an apparent suicide. Kayo’s mom, Debra Antney, a high-powered hip hop manager, led the march which walked to the beat of a small drum corps. After the young rapper’s body was laid to rest, Debra released white doves into the sky saying, “You’ll always be my baby.” The rest of the crowd followed by releasing white, pink and orange balloons. Kayo was 27''.


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His suicide still confuses fans because just hours before his alleged suicide he took to twitter to promote his new mix tape called  "Redd Kisses". On Dec 29th 2013 around 5pm he twitted , "Make sure you go vote & download my latest mix tape Redd Kisses,".

Friends and family expressed their emotions on social media immediately following the death. Dec 29th Nicki Minaj took to Instagram and said;

"Devastated by the loss of this precious soul… Always so sweet to me… I cant even… Sending prayers and all my love to Deb, Waka, Wooh, Quam, Big Joe, Bimmy, the entire fam… Gone too soon Kayo… Gone way too soon."



Waka Flocka's initial reaction was posted on Twitter at 10 pm and later deleted but he twitted, "My f–king lil brother killed hisself," and "F–kkkkkkkk lifeeeeee." On the Friday before the funeral, he tweeted, "Behind my smile ‪#PainPressureStressHurt Let God handle it ‪#ThisIsHisPlan ‪#IamKayoRedd."



Our hearts goes out to the family of KayO Redd, especially since the family suffered another death in 2000, when Waka's other brother was killed in a car accident. The Hip Hop community mourns with you. RIP KayO Redd