WELL WELL WELL, yesterday the blogsphere's went crazy with the latest breakout story on  Jeezy's arrest. There was something on the back of my mind that said "I know that there's more to this mess here". Today, I woke up and TMZ had cleared all my submissions with a follow up to the story that makes all the sense in the world. Jeezy gave us his account of the situation. He stated that the only reason police were called and this story even made the news, is because his baby mother, Tenesha Dykes is brainwashing his son and trying to extort more money from him. Jeezy does confess that he and his son had an altercation on Sept. 2012, but it was not as violent as the charges brought against him and as far as death threats, he states that what he said was the good ol "I brought you into this world, so I will take you out." NOW, I wasn't there, but this account is much more believeable to me. Either way we will keep you posted with all the new updates on the latest Jeezy arrest.

Ms Breezy