So apparently, Singer Christina Milian was spotted shopping with her baby and mother (Carmen C. Mill) wearing questionable attire that had quite a few people stirred up. As seen in the photo, Milian was wearing a PRINTED black & blue mini-dress with 4-inch heels But, In my opinion they had to be at least 5-inches with a 1.5 or higher platform. quoted on Milian’s look who was pushing baby Violet in her stroller when paparazzi snapped these photos: “Someone should explain to Christina that you dress like a hooker to catch a man but you dress like a lady to keep one!!!

Like Really!?! C’Mon Guys! Let’s face it! Christina Milian is HAWT! So you mean to tell me she is not suppose to enjoy the latest Fashion Trends because she has become a mom??? As a mother, After giving birth; One of their main focuses is to get back in shape! For some it is easy and for others it is very hard! “Fashion is a endless statement!” It allows you to feel sexy, youthful, healthy, vibrant, alive & foremost remain that way! Obviously, I think most feel her look was too seductive because their aren’t many that get a chance at looking as good as she did after having Violet.

As you all know beautiful baby Violet’s daddy is Singer/Songwriter “The Dream” Who we (24hourhiphop) have been bringing you continuous stories on Christina and his split. So that definitely means Christina is Single & Ready to Mingle and in order to do so her appearance whether fashion or not is very important. Truth be told in these photos she looks pretty darn good and that’s coming from one Hot MAMA to the next! I don’t think there isn’t anything wrong with looking milf-y….

Talk to me Ladies & Gents! Tell me what you think?

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