When it comes to the “Smith Family” we all know that they don’t lack Talent! Over the years we’ve watch parents Will and Jada Smith rise to the top! Now its their kids time to shine! The old folks say ” The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree!” In the Smith families case they were correct! With beautiful hazel green eyes and a smile that can light up an dark room, its now all about Little Miss Willow! At the tender age of 9( turns10 on 10/31), Willow is defiantly making her mark on fashion scene and major waves in the music industry! She just released her new hit single “Whip my hair” a few weeks ago and it has been buzzing around ever since! Often compared to fashion Mogul and songstress Rihanna, I’m convinced that Willow wont be living in any ones shadow and is here to stay! She will be live tonight on Bet’s 106&Park for her world premeir of “Whip My Hair” they also will be picking a winner from the viewers best “Whip my hair” video submitted to the contest! Make sure you tune in…
Here are some of her most memorable fashion statements so far…
Dolce and Gabbana Spring Fashion show 2011

Karate Kid Movie Premier in Japan

Karate Kid premier L.A

Walking the streets of L.A in a military influenced ensemble

Always has style and grace…

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