24: Introduce yourself to the readers and let them know where your from?

Keyshia Dior: Hello everyone, my name is Keyshia Dior and I’m from Miami,FL.

24: You do also most everything from Modeling, Actress, Stylist, to an entrepreneur so I wanted to know where do you get your work ethic from and was this always a passion of yours?

Keyshia Dior: I’ve always been business savvy and challenged myself. Yes, styling was definitely my passion but I’m starting to love and enjoy my modeling career as well.

24: As far as molding let the readers know so of the Music Videos you have been apart of?

Keyshia Dior: I’ve done video such as Birdman ft Lil Wayne & Drake4 my Town“, Timbaland ft DrakeSay Something” and Young MoneyBedrock“.

24:  When it comes to you being a  stylist where would you say your inspiration comes from?

Keyshia Dior: What inspires me about my styling and fashion is not a particular person or anything like that I just put a lot of thought in to the hottest trends. I change them up or I just create my own.

24: Is there any artist, actor,actress, entertainer etc that you would love to style in the near future?

Keyshia Dior: Yes, I would like to style Nicki Minaj because I have a vision for her already.

24: What are some of your favorite clothing lines and do you have any aspirations of maybe dropping a clothing line someday?

Keyshia Dior: Some of my favorite lines are Twisted Hearts for my casual days. I love LaRoc, Alexander McQueen and Chanel just to name a few.

24: For the ladies out there what tips would you give to someone who’s on a budget  but has a birthday or big even t coming up and needs to look her best. What would be some great stores or websites online to check?

Keyshia Dior:  A website called Shop Style (www. Shopstyle.com) is good because it carries a variety of things at different prices.

24: Now let’s shift gears to Keyshia Dior the actress and tell me what’s coming up for you in 2010?

Keyshia Dior: For 2010 I will be doing a lot more Music Videos to Magazines, to some print work. I am also working on “Secret Kisses” which is my lipstick line and I would love to land a movie gig(smiling).

24: If you could choose any leading actress role  in a movie from the past or present which would it be and why?

Keyshia Dior: I would have wanted to play Beyonce role in the movie “Obsessed“. I think that would have been effortless for me.

24: What’s the best way for the readers  to keep up to date with you and find out more about you,etc?

Keyshia Dior: They can log on to my website www.keyshiadior.com and follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/keyshiadior or @KeyshiaDior.

24: Any Final words for the readers?

Keyshia Dior: I love and appreciate everyone’s support and look out for my exotic lip stick line “Secret Kisses” that will be available on my website (www.keyshiadior.com).