By Carla St. Louis

Art is subjective–i.e, my art could easily be mistaken for your trash. That’s the nature of the unstable world of art where anything can and will decrease or increase the value of your piece.

Case-in-point, colorful, and reeking of consumerism collection, Fluorescent Palace. Riddled with luxury labels like Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton this collection is hip-hop’s wet dream come to fruition. Someone please notify Lil’ Kim ASAP.

The collection features Technicolor prints capturing graffiti-splattered fashion logos. The haute couture brand names are shown melting or splattered against a wall of graffiti or paint. But what does it mean?

Is it subversive? Yes. Is it hyperbolic? Perhaps.

Is it a tribute to hip-hop’s obsession with consumerism? Or, is it shading luxury labels for blood by smearing them with paint and juxtaposing them next to graffiti (perhaps, a head nod to the fact that these labels were popularized by rappers instead of the wealthy that can afford them)? Or, are they relevant because they speak to an element of hip-hop (i.e., consumerism)?

Retailing from $189-$569, Gilt is selling these canvases at a steal between $99-$285.


Source: Gilt