The Darkest Light…. by Executive Producer KoKayn and also presented by Dark Knight Entertainment. The Darkest Light (In the pursuit of happiness, we face the toughest times and greatest downfalls. But even in the darkness, 1 bright mind can bring light to the darkest times and even the dimmest light can provide some illumination.

This project is a soulful and heartfelt collection of emotional mood music that tells personal stories of struggle, battles with the evils, and the triumph of overcoming the toughest of times. The first disc is be comprised of 15 gems including an intro. There is another corresponding disc to be released at a later date, with a few more special additions. Artists submitted tracks to be placed on the project. Specific artists were asked for performance on specific tracks as well and there were some original songs created specifically for this project, exclusively produced by KoKayn and a few other select producers (Co-Produced by KoKayn). With that being said… from the mind and vision of, producer and visionary KoKayn… We present: The Darkest Light.