By Carla St. Louis

While I was fulfilling my daily intake of ratchetness, guess what precious jewel I came across? The refined ladies of Oxygen’s Bad Girls’ Club: Mexico reunion footage.

Watch: Julie’s Massive Beat-Down From Mehgan, Andrea, & Christina

Let us all hold hands, and chant, “God is good.”

Now, as an avid watcher of this season’s cuntastic antics I am very familiar with in-house manipulator, Julie Ofcharsky. Julie stirred the pot at every opportunity and caused real goons with fists of furies Bad Girls’–i.e., Mehgan, Christina, Erika, and Andrea–to get booted from the house.

Unfortunately, for Julie 1) the dismissed ladies watched the season like the rest of America and peeped her true nature (can you say, ‘stay scheming?’), and 2) she cannot fight–at all. Guess what that awful combination resulted in?

A good, ole fashion beat-down with cranberry juice and mustard! Needless to say, the woman’s reaction at the 00:31 mark said it all.

Also, how tragic was it that she received her smackdown on her birthday?! From now on every reality TV show reunion should end with male strippers. Period.


It’s not a party until cranberry juice is invited! Hmm, what are you going to do with that, Mehgan?


When to know when shit is about to get real ugly? When Tanisha flees! Who else is amazed that Julie just sat there?

It’s a wrap: She got you, Julie.

Oh, that’s the purpose of the cranberry juice: To make that ass fall flat! Skank down. Why aren’t any of your goons helping, Julie?


Now, it’s Andrea’s turn to get in her licks. Andrea: “Remember when you jumped me and had your goons throw food at me?!” Payback is a bitch–wearing a studded bra and Minnie Mouse bow, apparently.


This pic doesn’t do justice, but Andrea actually beat up Julie. Just like the other shots, it was magnificent.




Who says reality TV can’t uplift your spirits.

Source: WorldStarHipHop, Oxygen