Chris Brown isn’t the only one taking shots or punches at their women.  Rapper, Ace Hood got into huge fight with the mother of his 2 year old daughter, Sailor  who is also 5 months pregnant with their unborn child. I got an exclusive interview with a  reliable source of Ace Hood babies mother.
24HourHipHop:How  is she?
Reliable Source: She’s a  little soar, but she’s ok.
24HourHipHop:  Good. So tell me  what happen?
Reliable Source: She called him [Ace Hood] & told him she was bringing their daughter [Sailor] over to see him like she usually do.  He told her ok. So she went over there  to him like any ordinary day.
24HourHipHop: What happen next?
Reliable Source: When she get to his house some female answer the door. She been heard about the chick messing with him, so when she seen her she immediately got  pissed. He claim he wasn’t expecting her to come so soon, but rather if my friend was coming over there now or later, why was this chick there in your house. He claim it’s nothing between them two, but  you know all men lie when they get caught up. She was so mad that she threw stuff at him & the girl.  She was crying and getting very emotional like any woman would.
24HourHipHop: So that’s when he hit her?
Reliable Source: Yes! She was fighting the girl 1 on 1 at first, remember she’s 5 months pregnant. She’s showing and it’s very noticeable that she’s pregnant. He came out of nowhere and punch her all in my face.  Ace and the side chick jump her, and the sad part is their daughter was with them. She think he blacked out because they had previous arguments, but this time he beat her like she was some random chick or a dude. He whoop her ass, they whooped her ass. I can’t believe they jumped her. Their daughter was also hit during the fight because his baby mother was holding  her in my hands. She was screaming and hollering. His baby mother was rushed to the ER, but thank god she’s in her 2nd trimester or else she would’ve lost her baby like she lost her other baby.
24HourHipHop: She lost a child before?
Reliable Source: Yes, her daughter was a twin.  She was so stress during her pregnancy that she lost Lyric (unborn twin)  due to a birth defect & Sailor was born with complications. Ace put my friend out while she was pregnant with her babies. His family even stole from her while she was pregnant.
24HourHipHop: Do you all know the girl? Have you  all seen her previously?
Reliable Source: She don’t know her personally and neither do I.  All I know that she’s a celebrity escort of Miami & her name is Jasmin Solano. She [Ace Hood baby’s mother] even got in touch with her boyfriend who plays professional ball overseas. He’s in disbelief of it all. He asked her about the situation & she’s denying it all.
My reliable resource recovered messages between Ace Hood baby mother &  and Jasmin, boyfriend, Ebron. Jasmin is playing Ace & her boyfriend.
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24HourHipHop: Who broke up the fight? What did he say when he realize he hit their daughter by mistake?
Reliable Source: No one broke up the fight. After she hit him in his eye to get off of her, I guess she knock some sense in him. He didn’t care that he hit their baby he was so caught up by getting caught cheating.
24HourHipHop: Wow! If he cheated on her on previous occasions, what made her stay?
Reliable Source: She love him. She never cheated. He’s her all. That’s her daughters’ father.  She was with him from day one when he had nothing and she was working two jobs at Guess to support them. She always had his back and then he continue to cheat with random women.
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24HourHipHop: So why now? Why are you telling the world about their relationship now?
Reliable Source: I’ll never aired out my friend life on a social networks, but I’m tired. I don’t want my name publicize in this article because I don’t want any fame from this.  I’m tired of him cheating on my friend with these popcorn ass chicks. I can’t take it anymore. People think these rappers are so cool and are living a lavish life, but you all don’t know their real reality. He’s a woman beater and cheater. She have a restraining order on him. It need to be noted that everyone have secrets about them especially your favorite rapper.
24HourHipHop: Well I hope she get well soon Love and thank you for sharing this information with us.
Reliable Source: Thank you and your welcome.
By: ElonKouture