If you haven’t heard yet Las Vegas was the place to be this Memorial Day Weekend.  Tons of celebs surfaced like Diddy, Fab, Chris Brown and TI to name a few.  A few female celebrities were spotted wearing their bikini’s and scantily clad outfits but none of them looked as good as…Ashanti did!  Ashanti released her pictures via Instagram a few days after the big weekend and she looked amazing even without make-up!  Ashanti’s body is 100% real and straight up bangin’.  From her six pack tummy to thicky thick thighs and perky ta-tas what more can you ask for?  Check out the R&B Divas pics and let us know if you think she’s back?


Ashanti is the host of Fuse TV music television show.  She interviews various artist and her ex beau Nelly was one of them.  Nelly broke things of with Ashanti about a month before their interview. The interview gets a little uncomfortable when she ask him what type of girls he likes.  All I know is it seems like Nelly lost a good one with Ashanti.  Check out the interview below and let us know your opinion.

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Ashanti-banging-bikini-body Ashanti-and-mom-tina-douglas Ashanti-in-vegas