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Rumors have been buzzing that R&B singer Cassie is pregnant by Hip Hop Mogul P. Diddy.  Cassie has been spotted drinking water in the club and looking a bit round in the face.  While the couple have been dating for at least five or six years they have never publicly announced it.  Just recently Diddy acknowledged Cassie officially as his girlfriend via Twitter.  He also Tweeted a picture of himself holding a pregnancy test that said “Oh Sh*t…Not Again”!  Diddy currently has five children from his previous relationships.  Diddy also tweeted a picture of Cassie that said: “I’m A Very Lucky Man #KnowThat.  While Cassie tweeted a picture of that said “Love him”.  The two have a lot of differences between them starting with age.   It seems to have worked thus far so we will just have to wait and see.  One things for sure, this is going to be one cute baby!

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