We are just 48 hour away to the next episode of Love & Hip hop Atlanta. Just in case you lost count this is episode 8 recap

Stevie J. attempts to win back wifey Joseline while Mimi’s trust in Nikko hits an all-time low (no surprise there) And when Rasheeda, Kalenna, and Karlie take a fun-filled road trip to New Orleans, Benzino and Yung Joc are exposed to the world.

So, here is where the side-eye WTF is this monkeyfoolishness moments enters:

Boo boo the fool Karlie posts “D” pics of Yung Joc and Benzino. At the start of the girls trip to New Orleans, Karlie talks about the incident between her, Benzino, and his fianceé, Althea, at the grand opening of Sleazy & Zino Bar and Bistro. After Althea basically tells Karlie she is missing the “d” and spilling a drink on her, which was by the way well deserved. Benzino went on Twitter to bash Karlie. Of course Karlie assures her girls she’s moved on to bigger and better and to prove it, she shows Rasheeda and Kalenna a photo of Yung Joc’s package. Both women are impressed and when Kalenna tells Karlie to send it to Benzino, Karlie posts a split pic of the two men’s members online.

Umm OKAY!? I have several problems with how (clearing my throat) Karlie Redd is handling this.

1. You don’t show your man Dick pic to your girls. 2. If for whatever reason your home girl like or even is okay with seeing your man peeda wacka. Dem the THOTS you should paying attention to and 3. Why the “F” would you want to post a side by side pic of your current and ex- dude peeda wacka.

Anyway off my soapbox.

Erica D finally sees the light and sends O’Shea on his merry way. Erica D. meets up with her friend Ariane to catch up and Ariane is all smiles with her new relationship. Poor Erica is facing a bit of a setback (aka homeboy is eating up her money)with her boo, O’Shea Russell. Y’all remember the broke model…. Erica says he’s in a financial rut.

(No baby, in plain english he is broke) and she’s finally done with handing over her credit card for him to pay with, even though he’s very loyal, sweet, and loving.
Sorry hun but bill collectors don’t accept loyalty, sweet and loving as a form of payment

Ariane then asks Erica D. to compare her relationship O’Shea to her past relationship with ex-fiancé and baby daddy Lil Scrappy and Erica admits that O’Shea is definitely better emotionally (and sexually), but Scrappy gave her a financial stability that she’s definitely missing.

Stevie tries to win Joseline back with a bubble bath. Stevie J. wants to make things right with Joseline after their fallout and so he sets up a bubble bath with rose petals all around the tub. Joseline, knowing that she was never going to leave Stevie, comes to the bathroom to hear his plea. Stevie denies he ever received photos of naked women (lies.com…..he did) and tells Joseline that she was the best thing to happen to his life. HA!! Joseline tells Stevie that his apology is a joke and that she’s not going to forget this “F” up on his part. Eventually, Joseline does join Stevie in the tub, saying that she’s not going to allow other women to break up their marriage so easily and that she’s willing to make things work. Good luck with that. If she knew any better she should get off that bus.

Mimi decides to have a talk with Nikko. While getting ready for dinner, Mimi tells Nikko she’s not too happy about his enthusiasm over their sex tape. Nikko apologizes for offending Mimi, but adds that people should know since the tape is being released soon. Mimi also questions Nikko about his current relationship with Miss Althea, Benzino’s fianceé, who used to date Nikko once upon a time. Nikko says he’s definitely over Althea, but thinks Thi Thi still has feelings for him since she reached out not too long ago. Nikko goes on to tell Mimi he has not been with Thi Thi since he and Mimi got together, but Mimi is curious to know why he never mentioned Althea until the night of their anniversary party. Nikko assures Mimi that nothing is going on between him and Althea, and that if anything did happen, he’d tell her. Nikko goes on to say that Althea’s old news and Mimi shouldn’t give her a second thought.

Time out! Before I move onto Kirk and Rasheeda foolery…. Am I the only who noticed, the rat king Stevie J and Nikko favor each other. IJS

Kirk Frost runs his a bit too much to Rasheeda mom, Shirleen. While Rasheeda is enjoying her girls-only trip in New Orleans Kirk is struggling to take care of the house and boys by himself. Luckily, Rasheeda’s mom, calls to offer her help and Kirk accepts without hesitation. When Shirleen arrives, she helps Kirk, but not without chastising him. When Shirleen tries to kiss Kirk’s son, Karter, on the mouth — something Kirk has repeatedly asked her not to do — she is stopped when Kirk pushes her face away. When Shirleen retorts Kirk is finally acting like he’s the father of the baby, he blabs that he knows for a fact he is because a DNA test proved it. Kirk talks too much dang!

Of course Rasheeda gets a call from her mom, who snitch that Kirk revealed he gave their son a paternity test. Rasheeda is fire hot by the news, and as good friend should, Kalenna decides to make sure her friend gets “turnt up.”
Rasheeda, Kalenna, and Karlie party it up, and make their way back to their hotel with a group of men and women when Kirk pops up to apologize to Rasheeda. Rasheeda tells Kirk that he’s hurt her time and time again, and she’s tired of him treating her wrong and saying “sorry.” to prove his sincerity, Kirk puts Rasheeda’s wedding ring (with an upgraded setting) on her finger, asking her to never leave home without it Rasheeda tells Kirk she feels he might be sincere, but she has to think it over as he’s put her through so much stress. Rasheeda rejoins her girlfriends at the hotel and leaves Kirk on the street.
Lil Scrappy and Erica talk about their not-so-good relationships.

Lil Scrappy and Erica D. meet up to have a chat about his relationship with Bambi. Scrappy tells Erica he had feelings for Bambi, but realized she was not the kind of boyfriend Bambi wanted. He sees that but why can’t DaBambi see that. IJS…. He also tells Erica about the miscarriage and that he dated Bambi because Erica moved on. Erica is surprised by the admission, and tells Scrappy that her current boyfriend, O’Shea, is not stacking up when it comes to finances. She goes on to say she now appreciates things about Lil Scrappy she may have taken for granted in the past. Scrappy is enjoying it all, but tells Erica she can talk to him anytime about anything going on in her life. The two exes are happy to see that they’ve moved past the hurt into a better place.

Back to Mimi and Nikko drama.

Mimi kicks Nikko to the curb. Mimi finds one of Nikko’s T-shirts with lipstick all over it and confronts him about it. When he says it wasn’t his shirt, worst lie ever by the way. Mimi hands the shirt over to him,and he comes clean. Nikko tells Mimi that the lipstick is from one of the women at the stripclub he went to when his friends came to town. Mimi loses it, and tells Nikko they’re going to have problems if he’s OK with women kissing on his neck. Nikko tells Mimi she’s going overboard with her trust issues, at this point Mimi decides to kick him out of the house. When Mimi asks for her house key, she asks Nikko if he leaked the tape. He tells her no, and Mimi then asks for the garage door opener and tells him goodbye.

Erica D. and O’Shea finally end it. After telling O’Shea about her conversation with Lil Scrappy, Erica learns her boyfriend has gone to her apartment to take his things and leave… except he runs out of gas along the way. Left in the middle of his grand exit, O’Shea calls Erica to help him out. When Erica gets there, O’Shea asks her what went wrong in their relationship and she lets him know that she felt she carried him the entire time. O’Shea tells Erica he never used her because she knew about his financial situation since they first started. Also, he tells Erica he felt disrespected when she went to speak with Scrappy and was gone for four hours, without a word. Erica tells O’Shea he hasn’t changed since they met and if she wanted Scrappy, she could get him. O’Shea tells Erica he’s not going to argue with her and wants timageimagehe gas money she came to give him for his car (he has some nerve.), but Erica keeps her money and leaves O’Shea stranded.

A new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 airs Monday, June 23, at 8 p.m. on VH1.

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