Kirk Frost & Rasheeda 



Where do I start with this episode, lets start with Kirk Frost. Rasheeda baby girl, how and why did you marry this fool? As we all know Kirk ol dumba** gave his baby boy a paternity test without Rasheedas knowledge, and of course he is the father. In this episode Kirk takes Benzino and Stevie to his “favorite pool spot” to celebrate the DNA test, but while at this weird celebratory boys night at the bar he asked some random waitress to babysit his son and maybe be their nanny. What? Kirk excuse me, did you just? Na he trippin.

So Kirk offers Jasmine (the waitress) the job, but Jasmin is a little skeptical because of course they flirt and he is not wearing a ring. She questions the marriage and him not wearing a ring but Kirk has an easy explanation: he said he and Rasheeda are separated and just living n the same house out of convenience to “coparent” the child. So of course poor little Jasmine believes him and takes the position.

So dumba** Kirk invites poe lil Jasmine to come over and meet the baby,, without Rasheeda’s consent again. In his stooopid mind, this is a gift to Rasheeda. Yes people gift, mind you this Jasmine girl looks like she is 19 and trouble.