This week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop starts off where the last episode left off, Mimi finds out that Nikko’s married from the horses mouth. He seemed unbothered. Mimi feels like a fool, because she is a fool. I didn’t think it was possible, but she got with someone worst than Stevie J.

On the other side Benzino is throwing a bachelor party, toasting to no prenup, I don’t know how smart that is. This wedding is already doomed in my eyes, his best man smashed the bride for God’s sakes, and Mrs. Joseline will not let Stevie forget it. With all the drama going on Stevie is headed to L.A to work with the one and only Snoop Dogg.

Low and behold, Stevie ends up taking Joseline to L.A. with him instead of Benzino since she gave him an ultimatum. Benzino is upset about being dumped by his dude Stevie and it doesn’t help that Althea let’s Benzino know that Joseline has been coming for her neck on instagram. Sidenote: Aren’t these people too grown for that shit? Well, you already know that Benzino is not letting that slide. Looks like he’s about to take matters into his own hands.

Tammy and Waka are on the journey of having a baby. Seems like their storyline is fading. After going to a fertility clinic she finds out that she’s A-Ok for having a baby. NEXT! Karlie Redd like every other cast member is in the studio and brings her girls Kaleena and Rasheeda to the studio. Due to Yung Joc’s infidelity Karlie goes behind his back and buys the song they did together and then takes him off of the song. Hmmm, is this business or personal, I’ll take personal for 1,000 Alex.

As the news of Nikko’s marriage is hitting all blog sites, Mimi decides to tell her friends Ariane and Erica before they hear it from somewhere else. Erica is shocked and Ariane has the “I told you so face” on, lol. Mimi is looking like the biggest dummy on television right now. She still is questioning if she believes Nikko released the tape. She finally drops the bomb that the sextape was professionally shot. Ariane seems to believe that Nikko and his wife set Mimi up. Mimi can’t handle the truth if you ask me.

Who wouldn't be thrilled to find out your boyfriend of a year is happily married, lol. #L&HHATL #DEAD

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to find out your boyfriend of a year is happily married, lol. #L&HHATL #DEAD

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