And yet again Jamie Foxx’s ‘Blame It’ reigns in at number one. This song continues to stick at the top of the charts. It seems as though fans haven’t gotten enough of the T-Pain assisted club banger. I can honestly say that I’ve literally heard this record at least 7 times a day on the radio and at least twice in the club and after a while it grows onto you. At first, I wasn’t really feeling this song and now after hearing it over numinous amounts of time I have to admit that it is quite catchy. Competing for the top spot coming in at number 2 is, of course, Keri Hilson’s hit single ‘Turnin’ Me On.’ This record has rotated back and forth between Jamie Foxx’s Blame It; however it continues to stay at the top. With Wayne blessing a Polow produced track, how could anything go wrong.

Def Jam’s The Dream has jumped up a couple of notches this week with his solid single ‘Rockin’ That Thang coming in at number 3 topping out T.I.’s ballad ‘Dead and Gone’ at number 4 and Beyonce’s ‘Diva’ lowering just a few blocks at number 5. ‘Rockin’ That Thang’ has kept the club scene in an intense vibe as ladies absolutely love this track to a major extreme. T.I. and Justin Timberlake provide an exceptional ballad in tribute to T.I.’s best friend Philant Johnson that passed away in 2007. The Timbaland produced beat provides a melodic feel behind T.I.’s fast paced flow. Beyonce brings you a hit with ‘Diva,’ however I’m not quite sure how long it might stay on the charts, after a while the song gets quite tedious and annoying.

The other Def Jam R&B vocalist, Ne-Yo,continues his reign on the top 10 with ‘Mad,’ which I personally think is an amazing track. The beat fits his lyrics perfectly with a real catchy melodic vibe. Reigning in at number 6, his hit single has rotated back and forth for quite some time now. The talented Keyshia Cole provides the fans with an outstanding track with ‘You Complete Me’ off of her ‘A Different Me’ studio album. This week her hit single has peaked in at number 7 right above Soulja Boy’s R&B effort ‘Kiss Me Through the Phone.’ With the assistance of comeback artist Sammie, his new record is a far cry from ‘Crank That’ and shows that this kid has some talent and versatility. Honestly though, the only good part of the song is the chorus line with Sammie. ‘Kiss Me Through the Phone peaks in at number 8.

The ex-DTP artist, Bobby V, peaks in at number 9 with his hit single; ‘Beep’ off his recent album. Yung Joc adds his talents to the track and low and behold Bobby has another hit on his hands. Honestly, he’s had better hits, but this suffices for now. Right under that is Grand Hustle’s new signee Yung LA with his hit single ‘Ain’t I.’ This anthem has been buzzing in the streets for quite some time now and continues its momentum throughout the hoods. This week, ‘Ain’t I’ peaks in at number 10.

This week’s number 1 album on the charts this time around is The Dream’s sophomore album ‘Love Vs Money.’ Reigning in at number 2 and 3 is newcomer J. Holiday with his sophomore album ‘Round 2’ and yet again Jamie Foxx’s ‘Intuition.’

Congratulations to all the artists who graced the billboards for this week.