Miley Cyrus has once again caught our attention with her new provacative video clip teaser released today “Adore You”. In the clip of “Adore You” Miley is in the video with a see through number simulating masturbation. After reviewing video released in September showing Miley swinging from a wrecking ball in nothing but her birthday suit.

Miley is at her peak of shocking the music society. Some people compare Miley as the replica of Madonna in the 90s era when she had several racy videos and songs to follow. In the music industry controversy sales and Miley is no newbie to being in the limelight for her shocking comments and revealing images.

Miley Cyrus the daughter of the popular country singer Billy Cyrus has taken an unexpected turn from being the idolized Hannah Montana that was a role model for millions of teenagers around the world. Now at 23 years old Miley is known to be the most talked about celebrity this year and managed to make the list of Barbara Walters 10 Fascinating People of 2013.

Miley Cyrus has taken a different approach with tongue hanging out pictures, twerking videos and smoking weed on a national broadcast award show. Miley has built a huge fan base in hip hop industry with her racy approach.Check out the video below of the teaser from upcoming song “Adore You”. Official Video drops this Thursday.