As part of her cover shoot for Denim Magazine, Cynthia Bailey took a couple of photos with her husband Peter Thomas. Since they were both there, the interviewer jumped on the opportunity to ask Cynthia about all that sexual tension between Peter and NeNe Leakes.

Cynthis explains in the interview:

NeNe and I are friends on & off the show. She has shown me nothing but love and loyalty. We connect because we are both strong and independent. There is zero jealousy and zero insecurity. We lift each other when we are down, and applaud each other when we are up. I love NeNe because she owns who she is, and I respect that. My Husband and NeNe also connect for the same reasons. Peter and NeNe are both straight shooters, and always keep it real. They are friends because they say what they mean and never apologize for being themselves. I love both for that.

Cynthia Bailey Covers Denim Magazine

Atlanta "Housewife" Cynthia Bailey Poses For Denim Magazine With Husband Peter Thomas