RHOA picks back up from the previous episode of the "Pillow Talk Brawl" this Sunday. Kandi confronted Natalie (Nene's Friend) on gossiping about her Fiance Todd being an opportunist.



During the confrontation Natalie attempted to back track on the what was said and rewording Todd as being a "Hustler". She brought Todd past relationship stating he cheated and lied .



Cynthia interjected When Cynthia tried to downplay what Natalie had said about Todd, she waved her finger in Kandi’s face, angering the music producer.


Peter told Kandi and Todd they were acting strange and then Kandi went berserk, having to be physically held back from attacking Cynthia’s sister, Malorie, for supposedly touching her.



Kandi told Malorie she will "Drag her in this Bitch" Todd restrained Kandi from jumping on Malorie.  Kandi stated that "Cynthia wouldn't bust a grape but her sister would pop off" and she wasn't going to stand for that.




After the crazy "Jerry Springer episode" Kandi invited all the women to a spa day to attempt to hash out their differences.  At the Spa Day the girls did the complete opposite of admitting their wrong in the "Pillow Brawl" instead all blamed Kenya for getting out her seat and approaching Natalie.


In the end Kandi apologized for her actions, but Cynthia didn't seem to be in the forgiving mood. Nene interjected that Kendra should apologize to all the women for bringing her friend Brandon. Kendra responded saying Nene should apologize for bringing up the drama filled situation that begun the fights.



Kendra voiced that Brandon was injured with a bruised rib and black eye caused by Apollo Phaedra's husband. Phaedra responded that the "queen" referring to Brandon shouldn't have stepped out of his boundaries and her husband wouldn't have had to place in back in line.