Puff Puff …Pass The Blame?

It’s no secret that celebrities are influential over the way that society acts. Every move they make is covered by television and radio, in fact its the entire basis of TMZ. So with this knowledge of this influence should celebrities accept more responsibility for their actions? Should some celebrities be so candid about the fact that they smoke marijuana? How does this openness about marijuana affect todays youth?

LJ1A3256_jpg_630x400_q85Celebrities like Snoop Lion (Dogg), Wiz Khalifa, and Rihanna are all very frank and open about their marijuana usage.  Although everyone has a freedom of choice, it is still not legal in 48 states not matter how lenient they are in California. Snoop has been open about his weed intake since the 90’s, and even hosts a marijuana based talk show online. He been filmed smoking openly in public without regard for the law.


Wiz Khalifa is well known for his habits as he brags about them in every interview and has even co starred on Snoop’s talk show and in a movie together about smoking in high school. Rihanna has been seen on numerous occasions getting high and even makes mention of is frequently via social media. These are only a few of many celebrities, athletes and entertainers who openly promote marijuana usage.

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The youth of today are easily influenced by the status of celebrities and athletes. Many view them as role models or people who live a life they would like to live. Along with the money and fame, celebrities who take such an open stance on smoking could lead kids into believing they need to get high to be successful, rich and famous, or even just to be socially accepted. Maybe it would be wise for them to consider limiting the publicity the give weed.


Yet, on the other hand is it right to suggest someone should limit their beliefs to a restricted position as not to influence others. Even though some may see them as role models, many celebrities did not ask to be viewed in that way. With either position you take you infringe upon someone in some manner.

When it comes to the youth maybe parents should take a stand and give a proper  explanation about the pro and cons of marijuana. Also, explain that as a normal citizens there are more problems associated with weed than a star would encounter. Taking the hands on explanation approach allows youth to make their own decisions and not just be “ under the influence” of celebrity.

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