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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta filmed their reunion show this week in NYC.  According to an insider at Lil’ Scrappy and Erica Dixon were “Let Go” or should we say FIRED from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  If you are anything like me and watch the show I can bet you think they got the axe because they were fighting with Shay “Buckey” Johnson.  But guess what…your wrong!  This is just some BS!!!  Alledgedly Scrappy and Erica were at the reunion show when one of the producers approched them and told them to pump it up a little.  It seems as though for once Scappy and Erica were acting like adults and not high school children.  Now If you haven’t heard Scrappy had been released from prison for a few weeks before taping the reunion show this week.


During that time Scrappy did everything in his might to make enough money, the legal way, to get Erica’s engagement ring back.  I must say Scrappy always finds the money and after he got his 15k up he went to the jeweler and got his lady’s ring back and proposed to her again.  Erica to my surprise said YES again and the couple are back together now.  Fastforward back to the reunion show when they were asked to turn it up a knotch by the producers of the show because they were being boring.  After that Scrappy and Erica turned up, but not with their cast members but the producers of the show.  Well to say the least these two took it too far with the big wigs of the show and were FIRED on the spot!  I must say we are going to miss these two but I’m sure the producers will find someone even more rachet to fill their spot.  I wonder if Momma Dee will still make an appereance next season?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.