Artist: Ne-Yo
Album: Libra Scale
Label: Compound Entertainment/Def Jam

Libra Scale apparently narrates different chapters in the lives of three black superheroes inspired by Ne-Yo‘s love of comics and sci-fi. Put all that aside and what we have is an album that is an improvement on his last “Year Of The Gentleman“. Opening is the uptempo R&B dance song “Champagne Life” with echoes of Michael Jackson. Shades of Jackson show up again in the finger-snap driven ballad “Know Your Name” and the upbeat “Cause I Said So“. “Crazy Love” features Fabolous, and with it’s languid feel and quivering guitars has echoes of Lauryn Hill. Other standouts are the mid-tempo “Makin’ A Movie” and “One In A Million“, the StarGate-produced swirling trancey Dance number “Beautiful Monster“(an UK #1 hit)with lovely layered harmonies(reminiscent of Rihanna‘s “Russian Roulette” which he co-wrote), and the beautiful falsetto-sung ballad “What Have I Done?”(think “I Can’t Help It” by Michael Jackson). There really isn’t a bad track here, and Ne-Yo‘s singing has acquired more depth and passion than was present in his other albums.

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