Is Kanye West salty that his life-size Barbie doll Princess Jasmine is too fat to be a fashion do?

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Short answer, yes according to In Touch Magazine.

When Kim got pregnant, “Kanye figured he’d be able to make all these amazing fashion statements with her sexy baby bump,” says an insider close to the rapper. “But she’s way too big to look the way he wanted. Her pregnancy is going to be remembered as one long fashion disaster.”

And now, her supersize pregnancy (at 5-foot-2, she’s already topped 200 pounds) has made both of them a punch line.

“Kim’s turned into a worldwide joke, and Kanye’s struggling to figure out how to get out of this whole mess,” says the first insider. “She served a purpose for him…Kim used to be so desirable that every guy wanted to date her. But now he’s over it.”

What’s a woman known for having the Baddest Body In The Game™ to do now that Jennifer Hudson is skinnier than her? Answer: Find solace at the bottom of an ice cream container.

In the meantime, the reality star continues to turn to food for comfort. Kim had Kanye stop the car while they were driving in NYC so she could load up on rice pudding at Rice To Riches in Soho.

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By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)


Source: In Touch Magazine, Google Images