Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – What’s the Real Score?

Kim Kardashian (32 years old), a reality TV star and Kanye West (35 years old), a musician/film producer/fashion designer, have start dating last March 2012. The two have been dating for 8 months before Kanye announced his girlfriend’s pregnancy during his concert in Atlantic City, on December 30.

Kim admitted that her pregnancy was difficult for her. There have been so many changes in the TV star’s gorgeous body, so she worried a lot that that Kanye would look for another girlfriend. She gained weight that some tabloids are calling her fat. She had a hard time dealing with her pregnancy curves.

Kanye West revealed that he loves his girlfriend no matter what size her body is. He said that he was proud of his girlfriend carrying his baby. Kanye keeps on telling his girlfriend how beautiful she is and how happy he was being with her. The couple is expecting their baby anytime soon and they are both happy to become a family.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are About to Break Up?

After 8 months of dating, they announced in Kanye’s concert last December that they were expecting for a baby. It’s been almost 8 months of the pregnancy of Kardashian when rumors arose in different social media websites. In fact, some paparazzi are saying that after Kardashian gives birth to their baby, Kanye will leave her. In some interviews, Kanye confirmed the issue about their breakup. He denied everything about it and said that he really loved Kardiashian so much and he will not leave her.


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Kim Went Alone to the Hospital to Find Out the Sex of the Baby?

The rumors about the sex of their baby were answered. It was a baby girl that Kim is carrying right now. Unfortunately, Kanye was criticized about leaving Kim while in pregnancy. He had to fly to Europe for his new album. Despite of the criticisms, Kanye is still having communication with Kim even if he’s not there for the ultrasound of their baby. They don’t spend a lot of time together since Kim’s pregnancy because of the hectic schedules of the couple. Kim is still working on her show with her sisters, Keeping Up With The Kardashians even if she’s pregnant. The couple was both busy for their schedules, but still keeping in touch with each other.

Kanye West doesn’t like all the attention he is getting, rumors of Kanyes infidelity in social media websites. Kanye was spotted dating with Australian hip-hop artist? The allegation about the infidelity is not true because even Kim and Kanye both have busy schedules, they have many plans for their coming baby girl. They even purchased a new house to live permanently with their baby. The allegation was not true; the Australian hip-hop artist Iggy Azalea and Kanye were just collaborating for his new album.