By Carla St. Louis

Remember, how we all assumed Draya Michele was casted on the Basketball Wives LA because she slept with a couple of athletes? Well, the plot thickens.

Apparently, she was casted because Gilbert Arenas, the on-again-off-again fiance of her cast mate Laura Govan, may possibly be the father of her son!

Does Draya’s son resemble Arenas?

According to BallerAlert, after Laura blasted Draya for performing fellatio on Arenas, Draya retaliated with 1) he paid her $20,000 and 2) insinuated their children’s resemblance with ‘Don’t you think our kids look a lot alike?’ during the first season’s reunion episode.

Does Laura Govan’s children resemble Draya’s son?

What’s your verdict: Is Arenas the papi of that there young’n?

Source: MissXpose (via BallerAlert)