24: You recently dropped your Gumbeaux project so tell me the type of feed back you have been getting from your peers and fans?

Chase N Cashe:
It’s been great man. I was surprised to see how fast I could get on the
road doing shows with the music from Gumbeaux. A lot of industry peers
who got to hear my debut were impressed and gave me a helping hand in
booking shows, doing appearances and anything I could do to promote and
market myself. I’ve been told I had one of the most listenable albums
from top to bottom which is what I definitely aiming for.
So with the success and the buzz you have been creating for yourself
from Gumbeaux would it be possible to say Gumbeaux 2 will be up next
from Chase N Cashe?

Chase N Cashe:
Ha! No Gumbeaux 2 but definitely a 2nd album coming. Thinking of
calling it “Louisiana Purchase”. But right now I’m still focused on
getting the results I feel I can get from Gumbeaux(which is currently
out for free download, Click Here: Gumbeaux). Doing more visuals,
finding new ways to market myself, new merchandise. Also licensing some
music from the album into films be it indie or major. Just really trying
to move the music into the hands of the people and not leave it solely
up to them to find me.

When your in the studio working on someone else project compared to a
record for yourself is it harder to do or easier? I’m asking because
I’ve noticed that most Artist/Producers are even more harder on
themselves as well as their own biggest critic?

Chase N Cashe:
I’m definitely my biggest critic. I’m just a discerning individual
period due to me being a Virgo. Love to strive for perfection as much as
possible. Only difference I see in making a record for another artist
is the content. We all have our own messages we want to deliver so when I
work with another act I have to find a way to tap into their creative
process to help bring out the best in them and the song. My creative
process isn’t like most. I don’t just go in the studio and try to make
something from scratch all the time. I like to live with the beat. I
might write the song in the car or straight out the shower or in my dads
Motorcycle shed. You never know man.

One of my personal favorite records from Gumbeaux has to be “I Don’t
Want Nothing” so I wanted to know if you had any thoughts about doing a
music video for that record as well as a possible remix which features
Drake who I know is a personal friend of yours? I’m asking because every
time I hear the record I hear Drake on it with you and I really think
it would be crazy for the summer with a video to push it as well.

Chase N Cashe:
Yes, Yes!! I’ve actually been pitching him that idea since last year. I
already have the remix beat made and all. The only hold up on the video
has been finding a director and a great treatment. A lot of videos that
come out nowadays don’t make people like the song more or depict the
real message in the song. I really want to take my time and come up with
something great for the world to feel. Not just make a basic visual of
me in love with a girl you know!? Your idea is great tho man(haha)!

24: Is their any artist that you haven’t worked with yet that you really want to get into the studio with?

Chase N Cashe:
 Yes I’d really like to work with Jay-Z still man. I’d like to work
with Drake on a complete project. I’d like to work with Jeezy since I’ve
never had the chance. I definitely want to work with 2Chainz(Tity Boi).
He’s one of my favorite artist to listen to right now. There’s a lot of
people actually when I think about it and Cam’ron is still high on my

24: Who would you say inspires you the most musically?

Chase N Cashe:
As of late. Hit-Boy, Myself, Drake, 40, Diplo, A-Trak and Kanye still
inspires me visually and I love what he does to take his brand to new
heights. Sometimes it comes off a little too weird but he’s always
pushing the limit and I appreciate that a lot.

How would you describe your style fashion wise because you are
definitely an individual that don’t follow any trends and you always
seem to try to broke the mold and think out the box with your music
& fashion?

Chase N Cashe:
My style is mixture of sporty, vintage, heritage, & street / urban.
I love the high end clothing like Lanvin, Hermes, Balmain, etc. But I’m
really a Ralph Lauren fanatic because I feel like every piece he’s ever
made from the beginning of the brand up to now all coordinate together.
You can wear a RL piece from the 80’s and put it with a 90’s piece and a
Early 2000’s piece and now a 2011 piece. I love the Double RL line.
It’s my favorite line to wear. I like Comme Des Garcon a lot. I like the
personality and distinctive designs in the pieces. I like Open Ceremony
a lot. I really like BAPE also even though some may feel it’s out of
style. I just like it’s unique and distinct pieces. Never been the type
of guy to be head to toe in Logo’s and such. I like simple but yet
striking when I’m putting together an ensemble. Oh, and I can’t forget
Jordan’s. You can catch me in a pair of Jordans just about everyday.
NIKE is always A+. Carhartt, Champion, Supreme. I like those brands a
lot as well.

24: Years
from now when it’s all said and done what would you like the fans to say
Chase N Cashe brought to the music world as an artist?

Chase N Cashe:
Personality, Creativity, & a constant drive to pursuit new ideas
& make them come to life for the better of our generation. I
definitely wouldn’t mind being mentioned as one of the greatest to ever
do it, but I know that’s all based on how society feels about me at the
time. I just want to be a legendary figure that came and blessed the
generation following me with knowledge on how to pursue your dreams and
being responsible while doing it. I feel like responsibility is missing
greatly from our Youth today. A lot of late 80’s and these new 90’s
babies are so tech savy they don’t know about working your way to
results. They just see the results right away. Search engine swag is
kinda killing a lot of shit out here in my opinion.

24: With the 2011 summer approaching what should everyone be on the look out for from Chase N Cahse?

Chase N Cashe:
Shows, Shows & more shows. Music, Music & more music.  Be on
the look out for me in your city. All I’m about this summer is getting
out there in the mix with the people and showing them what I have going.
I’ll definitely be dropping new songs here and there but as I said
earlier my focus is totally on getting this Gumbeaux out there more and
more each day.

24: Tell the readers the best way to stay in tune with everything your doing?

Chase N Cashe:
You can follow me on the famous Twitter at @ChaseNCashe – You can also
visit my website www.chasencashe.com and the Surf Club website is

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