If you know anything about the mixtape scene then you know DJ Scream! In recent years DJ Drama, DJ Cannon and the whole Aphilliates team had it on lock when it came to mixtapes but just like with anything else things change and that new change is DJ Scream and his “Heavy In The Streets” mixtape series don’t believe me then I just ask Shawty Lo or Rocko. So all that said I had to make a phone call to the man himself down in the A-Town to get a 24HourHipHop.com exclusive…………

24: For those not familiar with you because they have been in a comma please update them on who you are and where your repping?

DJ Scream: This DJ Scream/Hoodrich/Heavy In The Streets Repping the A-Town for sure. Shout to XM 66 RAW ShoGun, Kashi Kicks and a Stall & Dean representer as well.

24: I don’t mean in no way disrespectful to DJ Drama but everyone I speak to in Atlanta tell me your what “Gangsta Grillz” use to be so tell how do you feel about that statement?

DJ Scream: For me at the end of the day our whole
goal is to service the streets with hot shit as street dj’s. Its a complement to have the “Heavy In The Streets” movement compared to the “Gangsta Grillz” movement.

24: You recently worked with  Young Dro “I Am
Legend”, Rocko “Swag Season” and Shawty Lo “I”m Da Man PT.2” which I felt help both artist heat up the streets
before their albums were released did you ever think that when you first got started that you would have this type of response from the streets?

DJ Scream:  It’s something I have always wanted and worked hard for. To brand my name and make it a household name. I can’t front though, I didn’t expect it to be this big and the response I get. It’s really out of control at this point it seems like every other car is playin my shit down here now.

24: Who were some of influences when you were just coming into the DJ game?

DJ Scream: DJ Screw,DJ Jelly, Michael Watts, Magic Mike, DJ Clue, DJ Flex,and Tony Touch to name a few.

24: What artist have you not worked with yet that you really want to do something with?

DJ Scream: Dre from Outkast, Playa Fly and Trick Daddy are at the top of my list. Those are some of my favorite all time artists.

24: Tell me some of the mixtape you currently have out so the readers can go pick that up?

DJ Scream:  Heavy In The Streets Vol.13 with DJ Khaled. Khia “Nasty Muzik” for the females. So Seductive 9 R&B for the ladies as well.

24: Tell me and the readers more about HoodRich Entertainment?

DJ Scream: It’s a full fledge Marketing, Promotion and Artist Development company I have with my business partner Marcus Rippy. We basically take artist,labels and DJ’s from square one and aid them in being successful.

24: Should everyone be on the look for you to put out an album soon?

DJ Scream: Yeah, I’m gettin “Heavy In The Streets” the DVD together now and I’m also getting records together. When my shit drop its gonna be crazy and a classic so I’m not trying to rush it.

24: Who would you say in the hottest new artist in the streets of Atlanta right now that everyone should be on the look out for?

DJ Scream: OJ The Juiceman,Alley Boy, Kickstand, P Dukes and some others. It’s going to be a hot summer man there’s a lot of talent out there!

24: For an up and coming artist having a relationship with the DJ is key to their success so what advice would you give to the artist reading this interview but might not know how to really approach the local DJ’s in his or her area?

DJ Scream: If an established DJ in the game not rocking with you, find a new up and coming DJ. Find an up and coming DJ and work with him and yall build together.Product prevails at the end of the day! If you got the proper material, the established and up and coming DJ’s is going to have to fuck with you.

24: What’s next in line for DJ Scream?

DJ Scream: Heavy In The Streets The DVD. I got a shoe coming out with Kashi Kicks so be on the look out for that as well as  my 3rd annual Celebrity Birthday Bash coming around the corner. A ton of mixtapes as well.

24: How can someone get in contact with you for hosting, mixtapes, etc?

DJ Scream: Of course the myspace page www.myspace.com/4045405000 and for serious inquires hit me at djscream@tmail.com (I’m about my business period!).

24: Any last words for the streets?

DJ Scream: Stay focused, Stay humble and please be safe in them streets. I’m out!