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In life, we’ve learned that talent comes from all spectrums of the world. When we hear a beautiful voice sing a tone, a melody, or harmonize a song, that voice will eventually be remembered and praised. As we all know those with the ability to sing in different ranges was given a gift

Ms. Stephie LeCor has already shown the world that her voice is a gift. From being around music at a young age, music stayed with her until she ventured on her own journey finding herself. The talent that she possesses has already taken her to places and stages many people have dreamed of stepping across. With all her accolades she eventually landing a deal with Poe Boy Music Group becoming a part of their first Pop group Kulture Shock. With the sudden popularity of Kulture Shock and their music overseas and on the east coast, Ms. LeCor and her team decided time to, at least, start on her side solo project while keeping the group still a main priority.

This is the exclusive interview with Stephie LeCor that you will only read here.

24: Introduce yourself to everyone that doesn’t already know who you are.

Stephie Lecor: My name is Stephie Lecor from Poe Boy’s pop’s group Kulture Shock and I am one of the singer’s in that group.

24: Can you describe your beginnings, what was life like as a child before the music came into play?

Stephie Lecor: Music was always into play as long as I can remember as a child being in chorus class. I was always involved in music, my father was in a band and they would practice every day in my uncle’s garage. So I’ve always been around music, it’s always been a part of my life.

24: The fans know that you play a major role in the pop/techno group Kulture Shock, what made you decide to step away and do you own solo gig?

Stephie Lecor: I mean going solo has always been a singer’s dream, you always want to do your own thing, have your own mind and your own opinion and you definitely want to let people know about yourself and get more personal. I’m still very much a part of Kulture Shock; and it’s just a separate project, but I am definitely enjoying this new time that I get to write about all my personal experiences.

24: Does your label Poe Boy and your manager Big Chuck support your solo side project?

Stephie Lecor: Of course, it was actually Chuck’s idea to start working on a couple of records. We landed on one called ‘Dirtbag,’ which was really big, it was actually the first one we did and everybody really liked it, so from there i just started kind of doing both Kulture Shock and my project, Stephie Lecor.

24: Now, let’s talk about the music, what do you have brewing in the pot that has yet to released that you can talk about?

Stephie Lecor: Right now, my first single that’s coming out is called ‘Never Gonna Lose’ and that was written by Nahemi and produced by Chad Beats, Tastemakers. And that song means a lot to me, it relates very closely to past relationships that I’ve been in and I think that it’s one of those songs that all women will hear, well, most women will hear or guys and kind of relate to that situation, not losing yourself in a relationship or to a person.

24: That single you just spoke about, how did Ghostwridah become a part of the project?

Stephie Lecor: I did the track and then we were kind of just vibing to it as we were playing it over and over again and he came into the studio and was basically like “Yo, what’s that?” “I’m gonna get on it!” From there, he went right into the booth and spit some lyrics and that’s how it all came about.

24: Basically Poe Boy family atmosphere.

Stephie Lecor: Yeah, exactly.

24: As matter of fact, you already mentioned Chad Beats, what other producers have you worked with and who would you like to work with in the future as of the solo project?

Stephie Lecor: As far as my solo project, I have yet to work with many producers like I have with Kulture Shock, but Chad Beats like I said and J Rock of Poe Boy, those two are who I’m working with for now, it’s like a home team kind of project, we haven’t branched out to many producers yet. As for who I’d like to work with, anyone. I don’t care who I work with, it could be the kid down the street who makes beats out of his closet or major producers as long as they have that shit, I’ll work with them.

24: Where do you see yourself going in 2012 and how do you plan to separate yourself from the other artists out today to get the recognition you feel you deserve?

Stephie Lecor: Well, in 2012, I just hope to have my single out, working on releasing the album, and just touring the world, but aside from that I feel like a lot of things are already brewing with Kulture Shock and definitely we’ll be overseas by then. I just want to continue what I’m doing now and continue working everyday and just making music. Hopefully my fan base will grow and that will be the dream.

24: Since you’ve been working on your solo project, would you say that Kulture Shock has been put on the backburner or are you working with them as well?

Stephie Lecor: No, Kulture Shock is a priority. We’ve been working for 2 years and we have a huge catalog of songs and things are in the works with that, we have a big deal in the France that’s about to kick off, our single is being released there and that’s the priority, my solo project is my own personal project and I love it, but we’ll definitely move ahead with Kulture Shock, as well as mine.

24: Now, question of the hour, when can we expect your debut solo album to finally grace the world and what is your planned title?

Stephie Lecor: Hopefully 2012 and we’ve really haven’t gotten that far into it, it’s really just something that’s brand new, like a newborn child. We’ve just been like recording and working with people just trying to find that new sound that compliments myself. And I don’t know, maybe it will be self-titled, i haven’t really thought about it.

24: Now when it comes to music genre, what exactly do you want to conquer?

Stephie Lecor: I would like to think of it as Music A.D.D. I love all types of music and everything I’ve been working on now has been everything, it’s been pop, it’s been blues, it’s been 60’s inspired, just everything, it’s whatever I love, all different types of music.

24: Just might be a little far ahead, as you said the solo project is still in the beginning process, but who would you like to work with or feature on the album?

Stephie Lecor: I know this is like outlandish, but my dream would be to work with Etta James. She is my favorite artist and I admire and respect her greatly, her craft is incredible. I think that to be on a record with her would be just phenomenal for me.

24: How can the fans go about contacting you?

Stephie Lecor: Well, you can follow me on twitter which is @StephieLeCor or on Facebook.com/StephieLeCor.

24: Thank you for providing 24hourhiphop.com with this exclusive interview, do you have any last words for your present and future fans?

Stephie Lecor: I’m coming, bitches! Shout out to Poe Boy, Big Chuck, Kulture Shock, Jase, who’s also working on his solo project, Ghostwridah, Brianna, who just got signed, JRandall, all my Poe Boy family, Brisco, Billy Blue, Flo Rida, E-Class, and 24HourHipHop.com.

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