24: You just recently signed with Division 1, so tell me how did you and Rico Love(CEO of Division 1)link up which lead to you becoming the first artist signed to his Division 1 imprint?

Young Chris: I had dropped two mixtapes I put out that was both Hosted by Don Cannon called “The Network“. For “The Network 2” I shot a few videos and one of them was “Moon & Stars” produced by Sean C & LV. It was out on all of the websites and blogs and Rico Love reached out like “I almost forgot how nice you was, what’s your situation?”. At the time I was a “Free Agent” with a few options on the table and he was just really confident with the situation he had. I flew out to the house and met up with him and one thing lead to another and we went up to Universal, next thing I’m in Miami,FL recording records.

24: What has it been like so far working with Rico Love because by the looks of things you guys seem to have a lot of chemistry together and it shows especially on your record together “Break A Bitch Down“?

Young Chris: Yeah, it has been really good working with him and that was one the biggest things I had to look at and consider before I committed to the situation because I feel like if I’m going to be around him I have to know him as a person, how Rico Love say you know. We kicked it, did a couple things outside of music and hung out and like you said our chemistry kicked off right away. We have a good bond together and you can tell through the music.

24: Your single “Philly Shit” has been buzzing like crazy and the response has been great from the internet to the radio. When can the fans expect to see the full music video because I know you only released the teaser so far?

Young Chris: Shout Out to MTV, we were actually holding it back from all of the websites and blogs because they wanted to premiere it so it should be out in another week or so.

24: You released “The Network” & “The Network 2” which were great projects and now “The Re-Introduction” will be dropping soon on Nov.20 so tell me more about the project and how does it differ from “The Re-Introduction“?

Young Chris: The way it’s similar is because it’s all original music, but with this one I took more challenges and did more records I wouldn’t normally do and that’s where Rico came in at.

24: Outside of “The Re-Introduction” are you currently working on your solo debut album?

Young Chris: Right after we drop the tape it’s right back to work and start working on this album.

24: As far as your solo album goes is their any artist or producers you really want to get in the studio with?

Young Chris: Of course I definitely want to get back in the studio with Swizzy(Swizz Beatz), I just spoke to Just Blaze last night I would love to get in the studio with Just Blaze again.

24: Years from now what would you like the fans to say that Young Chris brought to the music world?

Young Chris: Someone who was consistent and I definitely want to leave a legacy behind.

24: A lot of artist that came in the game when you came into the game haven’t really lasted through the new modern times with the internet and they faded away. You seem to have embraced it and the internet embraced you right back but for others artist that came in when you did it really hurt them so speak about that a little?

Young Chris: Them niggas died didn’t they(lol). It was a blessing man, they always say it’s a “Gift & A Curse”. Shout out to my whole team Third Eye because when it came to the internet world I was blind then I started working it and doing campaigns like 30 Days 30 Verses which turned into Searching for a outlet and that’s how I stayed relevant just dropping tapes and freestyles and videos. It was a blessing for me because a lot of them died and got checked off.

24: With 2011 right around the corner what should the fans expect to see from you in the new year?

Young Chris: Just this classic album that they have been waiting on finally, the cuffs is off!

24: I know Division 1 is pretty much based out of Miami,FL and your from Philly so will you moving down to Miami soon?

Young Chris: I’m back and fourth with King James.

24: What’s the best way for the readers to keep up to date with everything your doing?

Young Chris: Follow me at www.twitter.com/youngchris and www.youngchris.com log on and become a member.

24: Any final words you want to say to the readers before we go?

Young Chris: The Re-Introduction dropping Nov.20 I’m real excited about that. It will be hosted by DJ Drama and DJ Cannon and it will be the first thing they hosted together since they split up so it’s a big deal for me and them. An stay tuned for the album, I haven’t titled it yet but soon as I do you’ll be the first to know and follow me @youngchris.

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