Who is YT Triz

Tell us where your from?

Im from Orlando Florida, the west side, CrimeHill. What’s it like growing up there?

Its hard in Orlando if u aint retired or a tourist, its like the city don’t even want the natives here.They all about the money! So folk gotta do what they gotta do to survive on da west side and at the same time try not to get killed because the streets is hungry out here.

Describe your up bringing

I grew up with single parent’ Daddy ran out on us and it was a struggle my whole life because Momma was raising three boys on her own im the youngest. Some nights we aint eat much but momma always made sure we ate something. As I got older I followed in my older brothers footsteps and started hustling to help out around the house, at times both of them was in jail or prison at the same time, so I felt like it was all on me.

What made you want to become a rapper

I started rapping just because I used to hang around my unlce Bucci a lot as a young kid and he was into music. So when he would be at the house making beats on a little beat machine, I used to ask him if I could rhyme to it, when I found out I had a little skill with it, I just kept doing it.

What was the hardest thing you had to deal with growing up?

Losing my uncle Sean  who died in 2008 3 days before my birthday and I still cry to this day. He was my idol he was dat nigga in the streets and he always kept me wit him. He was my uncle, but was more of another older brother figure to me. I wanted to be just like him man and still do! He showed me a lot, and I get all my swagger from him. RIP Poozy 4 Life.

How did you hook up with Bobby Shmurda

6. I hooked up with Shmurda through Dizzy he do a lot of work at Poe Boy salute Dizzy for that.When me and Bobby met we had instant chemistry two young niggas on the same shit and we went from there.

When Bobby showed up to the shoot that morning he was already turnt and I was already turnt so we just did what we do.


Tell us about the new single “How Can I Lose”

The title speaks for itself ‘ its a song that motivates you at the end of the day, we was all born into this world naked with no clothes on, no nothing. So everything in the path ahead of us, is to gain. For me its about breaking into this music industry and being acknowledged and respected as a dope artist and a real lyricist. Im confident in me and I aint scared to win so how can we lose when we came here wit nothing?

What can we expect in the near future?

More good quality music, real stories, music you can turn up to, music that you can vibe to, music that might make u cry. Just everything that you can relate to and no matter whats happening with you, its gone be something on there for you Sept 1st! Expect me in the near future, just get use to the face cause ima be here.


Any last words?

Thank you 24 Hour Hip Hop for supporting me  and always listening to my story as it grows!!! Salute my team at Poe Boy Big Chuck EClass and the rest. Shout the squad YTM we here! Tales From CrimeHill available for free download on LiveMixtapes.com Sept1st!