24: Introduce yourself to all of our readers and let them know who is Rece Steele is and how long have you
been perusing your music career?

Rece Steele: My name is Rece Steele. I’m a female MC from Bronx New York. I’ve been raping for 13 years. I love Hip Hop and I’m here to bring it back to when Hip Hop was real.
24: How does Rece Steele differ from other up and coming artists?

Rece Steele: I’m different from other up and coming artist because I’m like a silent weapon. Although I don’t look like your typical rapper I’m a beast when it comes to my flow and bar’s. I have an original sound and style that has never been seen before. Plus I’m a woman who can hold it down with the best of them. I’m a songwriter and a producer. So all around I’m a very musical person.

24: Have you ever felt like because you’re a female artist sometimes your music get over looked?

Rece Steele: Yes, I do think female artist get over looked in this industry. I feel like in a male dominated business we are not taken as serious as we should be. At the same time I feel we have it a little easier than guys because there’s not as many female rappers as there are male rappers. This means there’s room for us in the game. I just feel woman should step up and have voices. Instead of us always being the girl in the all guy crew. Why can’t female’s start there own teams and be bosses.
24: You were on VH1 latest reality show Ms.Rap Supreme so tell me what was that like and do you feel like it turned out to be a good experience or stepping stone for your career?

Rece Steele: Yes, For sure. It was a once in a lifetime experience. To me it gave me a full 8 weeks to market myself. You can’t beat that. Miss Rap Supreme is going to be watched all over the country. This show means so much to me because it’s my way into the game. I know a lot of reality rappers don’t make it to super stardom but I would like to be the first that does.

24: How far did you make it on the show and when will it air so everyone can tune in to watch?

Rece Steele: Sorry, I can’t really tell you how far I made it on the show. What I can tell you is I give it my all. My love for Hip Hop shows clearly. The show is set to Air April 14th at 10pm on VH1.
24: What type of things did you have to do to win in the competition from show to show?

Rece Steele: The competitions and challenges test your lyrical ability at every aspect of the game. So basically we have to spit hot ass bars again and again to win (lol).

24: Was Khia your biggest competition on the show?

Rece Steele: No, I don’t think Khia was my biggest threat on the show. I believe she’s more of an entertainer because I honestly don’t think she’s that lyrical. I feel Ms.Cherry, Lady Twist and Byata were more of my competition.

24: During the show was Khia really that same person we hear on those records and did you two get along?

Rece Steele: Well, I felt Khia was cool for the most part. She was just a little cocky but her and me got along pretty well. I’m not that familiar with her music. The song I’m familiar with is “My Neck My Back” so I’m not sure.
24: Was there anything that you wish you could re-do on as far as the show goes?

Rece Steele: I wouldn’t re-do any thing on the show because I was myself. I kept it real! No acting and I put my heart and soul into this show so I don’t regret a thing.
24: How have the DJ’s been responding to playing your music, which is really the key of getting the attention of these major labels today?

Rece Steele: DJ’s are who in the process of connecting with right now. I had some spins on shay 45 on Sirius. I’m still working on it. I’m actually about to push 3 singles. I have so much music and about 200 songs in the stash. So I’m about to go in hard with the DJ’s.

24: Tell me about some of the things you have been working on recently?

Rece Steele: I’m constantly recording songs and I’m working on pushing my singles. I’m also concentrating on my company that I have. The name of the company is 80’z Baby Productionz. My Partners are J. Madison and S.G. We are a small team with a lot of great visions. We also have affiliated independent company’s that work with us such as Frenyc Entertainment, Implan Productions, Quite, Dub Sonata and illest Rated. I’m working with some of the dopest underground producers you have every heard. Each Producer has an original sound and together we make beautiful music.

24: Who are some artists that inspire you musically?

Rece Steele: I’m inspired by artist like Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, MC Lyte, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Outcast, 50 Cent and probably a whole lot more. I listen to every one. So who ever is hot at the time gives me motivation.
24: Which major label would you love to be apart of if you could have it your way?

Rece Steele: When it comes to majors (pause) I don’t think I have real preference. I’m open to who ever want to give me the best deal and can do the most for me. I’m Hungry but not thirsty. I want to have a long lasting career so I’m going to keep my options open.

24: What’s the best way for someone to get in contact with you or get more familiar with your music?

Rece Steele: If you would like to contact me you can hit up my myspace page. www.myspace.com/recesteele or you can also hit up www.VH1.com to see Miss rap Supreme trailers, show episodes and scenes that they didn’t air on TV.
24: Anything you want to say or promote before we go?

Rece Steele: I Just want all the Hip Hop heads to tune in to Miss Rap Supreme. That’s every Monday on VH1 @ 10pm. Also look out for 80’z baby productions we will be launching a website in about a month www.Ima80zbaby.com so support the movement. I have a Mixtape out its called “Hard As Steele” hosted by Lazy K. you can purchase it on my Myspace page. I’m also selling ringtones and singles, support is needed right now. If you really want me in this game I need everyone’s help.