4hourhiphop.com gets a chance to sit down with Delaware rapper rapper Sir Mac Papi. Sir Mac Papi is an upcoming artist on the rise in the music industry. Sir Mac Papi tells us about how he came up, also life growing up in his neighborhood. We also learn about Sir Mac Papi’s musical influences, current projects out, and future projects. We also get to check out a dope video for his single “Too Great” as well. Make sure to check out Sir Mac Papi and let us know what you think!

24HHH: How did you come up with your Producer/Artist name? Tell us about it.

Sir Mac Papi: Well as a kid I used to make a lot of jokes and play around a lot and call myself “The Mac” and people just ended sticking with it hense the name “Sir Mac Papi” the rest just sounded cool so I ran with it lol

24HHH: Where are you from, and what was it like growing up there?

Sir Mac Papi: Im from Chester, PA but ive always lived in Delaware, as a kid I used to stay in Claymont but I currently reside in New Castle nothing really goes on around here its really what you make it.

24HHH: Who were you raised by? Tell us your family situation. Got any brothers, sisters, or any siblings? Tell us about your childhood and how it impacted your music?

Sir Mac Papi: I was raised by my mother and father I had a pretty normal life but I was always that kid that wanted to go outside go to our local skatepark and just over all have fun, I also have a sister she is 2 years older then me witch leaves her at 21. All this really impacted my music in a huge way back in August 10, 2010 my father had passed away and really had me looking at my life and I had an inspiration to just be happy in life and be who I wanna be and do what I want wanna do so when I made “#THEPAPIPROJECT” is was the perfect outlet to let me do what I wanna do and be positive.

24HHH: What age did you start making music?

Sir Mac Papi: I started making music at the age of 14 15 maybe, as a kid I was always interested in music my friends all started doing it so I said hey I can do it to.

Check out Sir Mac Papi – Hot Tub (Official Video)

24HHH: What inspired you to pursue making music?

Sir Mac Papi: My dad passing away really helps me pursue music and I would like to do the best for my mom like anybody else would do for there home.

24HHH: What artists/producers do you work with? Or rubbed shoulders with?

Sir Mac Papi: Ive met a couple artist like Asaad, Theodore Grams, & GrandeMarshall ive never worked with them though at this point, I work with my friends Mark Mars and Val Strasser they also help me a lot to do what I do.

24HHH: What else you got coming out? New Album? or Mixtape/EP?

Sir Mac Papi: Yes right now im in the making of my next project its gonna be great so I hope yall keep your eyes peeled out!!!

24HHH: Tell us about your newest single “Too Great”, how did you come up with that, share us the story?

Sir Mac Papi: Last summer we are all in my room just coming up with a beat and Mark Mars & Val Strasser were making the producing the instrumentals I came up with the hook and verse for the song and we all layed it down and surprised ourselves lol


24HHH: Any new travel plans, what you got going on?

Sir Mac Papi: Right now at the moment im really just trying to travel and meet new people because connections is a great thing to have along in life.

24HHH: What is the biggest thing to happen in your career?

Sir Mac Papi: I feel like the biggest thing to really happen in my career is just meeting all the cool people ive met along the way and being able to be myself and make the music I want.

24HHH: Where can people find you?

Sir Mac Papi: You can find me on Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp pretty much anything that holds music im around lol
Where do you see yourself going in 2014 and how do you plan to separate yourself from the other artist out today to get the recognition you feel you deserve?

I feel myself going high places because I belive in myself and I know what im cabable of and I know nobody can stop me because nobody can be a better me then me so I know the grind wont stop.

Check out Sir Mac Papi – The Papi Project (Official Video)

24HHH: Any last words or shout outs?

Sir Mac Papi: I wanna shout out my mom first and foremost if it wasn’t for her none of this would be possible and all the people I work with and am around that make this all possible, thank you all.