Introduce yourself. Who are you? Where are you from? What is your background / nationality?

Tha Vicious I was Born in New York raised in. Broward County Fort Lauderdale . I’m Haitian and South African.

How did you get your Artist name?

It’s from my original rap name which was Creepthavicious . Creep standing for Cool Rhyme Entertainer Enlighten People and I added vicious because my rhyme delivery. My street name was creep I just add to it with music . Tha Vicious was how I was coming with each bar. I dropped Creep and just kept Tha Vicious.

What motivated you to get into Music?

I just knew I had a different sound and way I delivered my verses. Every song I hear from myself I become a fan. I feel like a lot of artist don’t know how to become a fan of their sound. Always trying to sound like the next person.

What makes you unique / stand out as an Artist compared to the rest?

I’m versatile . My word play and flow is astronomical . Not many artist can see me and the ones who can still struggle. This the type of energy I bring

What are somethings you would like to achieve and why?

I would like to try my hand in filming and also making scores for films . Kind of like Rza .

Let our readers know some of the names of people you have worked with. Provide references and write what you liked about working with them

I worked with the world famous DJ Epps . Epps and I host Playhouse . New music is broken by Epps. Zayman is artist with plenty energy.

What are some past achievement worth mentioning?

XXL 2018, XXL 2020, Mixtape Hosted by YFN Lucci, Iheart Radio, grynd report magazine.

On a personal level, how would you describe yourself in detail?

Ultimate hustler , networking King.

What is your latest single? What are you working on?

Real Ahh just did 75k streams on Spotify. Working on a new EP.

In this music industry, what is something you learned the hard way?

Janky promoter and lame DJs

How long have you been doing music? What got you into Music?

On and off 8 years

In 5 years, where do you see yourself in the music industry and why?

Ceo, Film director and soundtrack coordinator

Who were some music influences you listened to while growing up? What do you remember when you think about them?

Redman, ludacris, Ghostface killah . And too many artist to name but all had a hand molding my style and delivery.

To close out for your current and future fans, what are some last words and shout outs you want to give?

Shoutout Kn$weledge, Dj Epps, Vana , Tampa Mystic , Nate Moss, Zayman. Last words grind till ya battery low