How did you get your name?

Well my first name is actually Willie, but one of my closest friends told me in High School “I’m gonna start calling you Willie Dynamite!”. I liked it and it just stuck after that.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is why you get a lot of Packer/Brett Favre references. Then we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada when I was about 11 yrs old. So I pretty much grew up here in Vegas.

When did you start rapping?

I have always rapped. I would find myself rapping my own words over songs that would be on the radio. But 2007 is when I started to take things serious and started to learn about the art of rapping.

Who are your influences?

Right off the bat, Busta Rhymes. But like… ’97 Busta. He’s probably the biggest. Em, Jay, Nas, , Lauryn Hill, UGK, Pharrell, Sade, Michael Jackson, Queen, Justin Timberlake, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot… Man this list could go on forever.. Lol.. I’ll just stop it there.

Tell how you came up with the title Always Sunny?

My favorite show is “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. And at the time, I didn’t have a title or concept. I was just going to do a mixtape. But my girlfriend said to me “Why don’t you name it Always Sunny”. That made the most sense to me and the thought of making the show into a concept for an Album seemed so fun, I just had to do it.

How long was your recording process for the project?

2 long yrs.. I started in Oct 2012 and finished Sept 2014.. A lot of things happened. I got in a car accident Oct 19, 2012. My grandmother passed away the following day Oct 20, 2012. And just dealing with a bullshit job that was killing my spirit. But I’m glad it took 2yrs. I was able to release Sunny on my Granny’s bday! This was my gift to her and whoever hears it. Hopefully its sounds like it to the listeners.



Explain your favorite show reference on the album?

Man there is so many.. I actually had to leave stuff out. But I would have to say the “Pepe Silvia” reference is my favorite. Two of the main characters, Charlie & Mac get jobs, and once they’re in jeopardy of losing those jobs, Charlie goes on one of his classic rants..

Tell us your thought process recording the Fullonrapist track?

Before I even came up with words for this song, I knew i want to make a song called Fullonrapist and I wanted it to have the baseline from “Stan”. I tried to get Rocco Moon to make the beat, I tried to have Lucian Breaux produce it, but it never happened. So I just produced it myself. The song is based off an episode where one of the main characters, Charlie, goes on a date. He’s supposed to tell his date he’s a philanthropist, but instead he says that is a Fullonrapist. One of the funniest scenes of show. I thought to myself, “What exactly is a Fullonrapist, and if he made as song, how would it sound.”. I wanted it to have an Eminem’s “Kim” feel to it.

Is there a message behind it?

No. Not at all.. Its literally based off a moment from the show. I made sure to put a lot of funny audio at the beginning and end to lighten up the track and show that “This is where the concept came from”. My artistry and creativeness led me to this track. I didn’t mean for it to be controversial or rub people the wrong way. But if it does, I can’t do anything about that.

Whats your favorite track on the project?

That’s like asking a man to pick his favorite child.. Lol. But I would have to say either “Golden God” because it showcases so many skills as an artist and is an overall dope song, or “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” because of how powerful the message of the song is.

What’s the next single?

It’s going to be “Charlie Work”. We are going to be shooting a visual for it pretty soon too..

Tell us a bit about what MOON is and the label?

MOON stands for Missing Out On Nothing. We are here to spread love, spread light, and encourage one another. And I know it sounds cliche but we really are a family over here.. I considered Rocco Moon my brother before he ever even produced a beat for me. I instantly felt close to Alvin, which is the man who sets up almost everything for MOON. My girlfriend runs the media for MOON. Darien Kyle, who’s up next, we’ve understood each other since the day we met. Steven noGOOD has been my best friend since High School. Everyone in MOON has a strong connection with one another and that is what’s most important to us. Connecting.

How would you describe your sound?

Man, that’s a good one.. Ummm let me see.. Channeled aggression. conciousness. The truest form of the art of rapping. Incomparable…. New Age Hip-Hop… That’s the one..Yea.. We’ll go with that… New Age Hip-Hop!

Tell our viewers why they should download always sunny?

Because this is a well put together project that should be heard. It was made for you… Yes, you! Whoever is reading this. I hope the passion that listeners get from this helps them get through their shift, their day, their week. Hopefully it sparks them to spread love and be great and go 100% at whatever it is that they do, or want to do. This Album has that capability. Plus I rapped my ass off.

Where can they reach you?


Anything else you want to share?

……. Yea… Some extra, deep, philosophical shit