The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back and better than ever. This week’s showdown featured Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield.

It all started when Ms. Kenya Moore wrote on her Bravo blog the following…

“Now, I don’t count someone else’s money. However, Sheree chose to purchase an existing home and tear it down to then build a custom 16,000+ square foot mansion with cash — and that’s her business. With that said, it becomes the City of Atlanta’s business when the build takes over four years, making it an eye sore for the neighbors and a nuisance by bringing property values down.”

To address her arguing with Sheree, she goes on to write “When I stated the obvious ongoing issues, Sheree took to unnecessary jabs at my home. Things escalated from there because I touched on a sensitive subject. We are both strong women and prideful. I could have taken the high road and simply offered to start a Kickstarter campaign for her to finish building her house. Sheree came for me…what did you expect from Twirl?”

And of course Sheree didn’t take this jab silently. And so it begins…..

Kenya…Kenya…Kenya… Come on girl, when are you finally going to take the hi road and act like the Queen or Princess you claim to be.  Royalty never argues with peasants!!!!