Ludacris Set to Release Mixtape before Upcoming Album

Atlanta, GA – Luda has been working quite aggressively behind the scenes as of late, prepping the release of his forthcoming album, Ludaversal. Interestingly enough, before the world would ever get the chance to see or hear any new material from the new album, Luda has his heart set on releasing a mixtape full of original beats and content.

During an interview with Supa Sam of Kube 93 FM, the emcee detailed that the street release comes in honor of the 10-year anniversary of his 2000’s major label debut, ‘Back for the First Time.’

These were his comment:

“I’m working on a new album called Ludaversal, but I’m also working on a mixtape,” he said. “We gon’ flood the streets with a bunch of music for all the fans that appreciate that.”

It’s like my first album actually doing that,” he continued. “I’ve done mixtapes before, but in terms of it’s going to be new music. We’re going to put it out there and it’s been 10 years, like I said. It’s been a decade long, so I feel like it’s that time. It’s just rejuvenation. We gotta make sure we give everybody what they need right now.

At press time, Def Jam South has yet to release an official drop date for Ludaversal, however, they are looking for an early 2012 release. As of now, Luda plans on releasing his original mixtape to keep fans at bay until the initial release of ‘Ludaversal.’

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Luda calls this release the sequel to his recent released ‘Battle of the Sexes,’ on that note; hopefully it sounds much more appealing that of the last. And if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t ‘Battle of the Sexes’ supposed to be a duo collaboration LP between him and that of ex-labelmate Shawna?

Lil Wayne Implements Ban on Alcohol Backstage from his Tour

Weezy is definitely intent on staying out of jail. With his new life based solely on recording new material and staying on the road, he is keeping to his no alcohol policy as his probation strictly states that no drugs or alcohol can be in his system at any time or that he cannot be associated with any known persons involved in any criminal activities.

With his no alcohol policy put into effect for his entire tour backstage and on the tour bus, many people artist or not would have to follow the policy. TMZ reports that Wayne, who is banned from consuming alcohol until 2013, has instituted a zero-tolerance no-alcohol policy backstage and on his tour bus.

A rep for Wayne’s “I Am Still Music Tour” states that the concerts have:

“A dry backstage, as we are committed to keeping a safe and professional atmosphere to ensure a smoothly running tour.”


“There is no ban on alcohol served at the venue.”

According to sources, not only is Wayne’s backstage 100% alcohol free, so is his tour bus.

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[Video] Behind the Scenes at the ‘I Am Still Music Tour’ in Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, NC – Now speaking of backstage, follow Maybach Films as they take you backstage and behind the scenes of the ‘I Am Still Music Tour.’ They even captured a live performance of Lil Wayne & Rick Ross with their live performance of ‘John.’

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