Detroit rapper and international scammer, TeeJayX6 checks in with No Jumper for a tell all interview, dropping knowledge on the scam life, avoiding the feds and never stopping.

1:04 – Bought a fake gun in a lunch box to school I was 9 y/o

1:43 – Selling fake weed at 7 y/o

2:42 – Credit cards, caught with 13 fake IDs, walks away with a ticket

5:16 – Instagram scams, paid Blac Chyna and other celebrities for promo

8:14 – Instagram account at 15 years old, got my rap name, first songs were trash

9:10 – Unique rap style and flow, Eminem influence

10:37 – Rap about everything! Scamming, swiping, banking …killing people…

11:21 – Is Guapdad 4000 scam rap?

15:55 – Detroit gift card scam breakdown

18:11 – Having no fear. Avoiding getting caught up

19:39 – Surfing the dark Web.

19:50 – Watched woman kill herself in a red room

21:09 – Bought first gun off the dark web

24:19 – Planning to quit scamming on birthday, August 28th

25:34 – Rap money over scamming?

27:03 – City Girl talk + scam trend + haters selling weed

28:21 – People wishing on downfall. Loving the hate more than the love.

28:48 – Metro Boomin co-sign

29:12 – Not wanting to talk about old cases

30:00 – Never changing. Still scamming after getting rich and famous.

35:39 – Drugs effecting scams. Missing out on 5K by oversleeping.

36:13 – Adam is not an informant.

37:05 -Origin of X6 in TeeJayx6



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