Cardi B recently had some work done to her body and is now facing some complications. The rapper needs time to recover from her recent liposuction and breast augmentation even though she tried to avoid it. This has left the event organizers no choice but to reschedule hoping fans wouldn’t be so upset and understand the situation. On the contrary, there was apparently more tickets sold for the new dates within some minutes after 2,000 tickets were already sold another 2,600 tickets were bought after the show was rescheduled for the new date in September.

Cardi states she has been doing too much considering she just had surgery and her doctors are encouraging her to properly recover and follow all instructions. Cardi B had mentioned while performing in Memphis on May 5th telling her fans how she should had canceled this show since, “ Moving too much is going to f**k up my lipo,” but still killing it on stage.