24: How was your trip to Africa?

City: Africa was everything I imagined and more! Minus the long flight lol I/we loved it. The people over there were so welcoming and kind to us we pretty much felt at home. Also the party scene over there was shocking they love uptempo dance music just like we do in the states. Oh yeah I can’t forget about the food. The food was ridiculously good, but I must warn you they use olives for everything I repeat EVERYTHING so if you like olives you will love the food there lol.

24: What was the purpose of your trip?

Jase: We flew out there mainly to shoot the music video for Alabina Beach. This is a record we did with Amine produced by DJ Kore. Basically the song is a good feeling type of record where the artist Amine is on the hook and 2nd verse singing in Arabic. So the song in itself is a Kulture Shock! HANDS DOWN the best video shoot we’ve done to date!

24: How many countries have you guys visited?

Group: Bahamas, Jamaica, Canada, Italy, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands (US and British), Dominican Republic, Haiti, Brazil, United Kindom, Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua,

24: How did you guys come together?

Jase: City and I were already making music since 2006 and actually had a Deal with a Label out of New York. That deal fell through due to some “technical difficulties” with the label. After that we got into the song writing business where we met Steph working with the FlipTones. She was always an amazing singer and we worked with her on a couple records which we were shopping to labels. Big Chuck at Poe Boy wound up bringing us in after we gave him a CD full of hooks that they wound up using most of the songs on. We then later brought Steph to him because he was looking for a solo female artist. Some how the idea came up for us all to join together to make a one dynamic group and the rest is history.

24: What is the name of your new single you were promoting in Morocco?

City: The name of our new single is called “ROCK STEADY” it’s produced by DJ Kore from Paris. It’s really a uptempo/ dance record. Over there (Morocco) the feedback for the record was PHENOMENAL! Every club we went to Back it up 2 and 3 times. The club patrons were dancing harder to our record then they were to a lot of records already out on radio. We hit about every club in Morocco and every club in Morocco added it to there playlist. The feeling was great to see the feedback. Seeing people dance to your song and act like they know cause it just sounds so good is a wonderful feeling. Its one of those songs that when it comes on you feel like you know it.

24: What is the name of the album & when can we expect it?

City: The name of the Album is “DANCE or DIE”. The name basically describe what type of music we make we want to keep the party going and the club dancing so either you dance or die lol its our musical campaign basically. On this album we worked closely with Dj Kore from Paris; he has a lot of records on our album. Also we worked with Nehemie, Chad Beatz, Disco Fries, Vinny Venditto and others. We are anticipating a late spring/early summer 2012 release date for the album.

24: Was Morocco a ‘kulture shock’ or did you do the shocking?

Steph: Being that all of us come from different backgrounds i dont think any of us were “shocked”.We went with an open mind not really expecting anything but grateful for the opportunity. But it was still a learning experience for us and we appreciate so many things from the people and their culture. I tried to shock em. (laughs) I wore a one piece little body suit on stage and i was actually nervous to wear but they love it. and my nervousness subsided. i felt so at home on the stage there.

24: What was the most exciting part of your trip to Africa?

Jase: Ah man were do I start!? I was excited just get on a real camel lol. At first nobody was with me till we all got on … Steph was scared to death and City’s camel needed anger managment HAHAHA. There were so many exciting things that we did though its hard to call it. From flying in the Chopper over the city, to playing soccer with the kids in the hood and giving out soccer balls. I’ll tell you what, the long flights were Definitely the most NON exciting part though!

24: What can we expect in the future from Kulture Shock?

Steph: Our single “Rock Steady” is dropping soon here in the states. We are really excited about this song. It made its debut In Morocco and like city said earlier the response to that song was incredible. Also our song Alabina Beach is still doing great over seas as well. Right now we are just in the studio working on our up-coming album, “Dance or Die” And just looking forward to some upcoming shows one being back in Morocco for the summer.

24: Any last words?

Group: We just want to say we are so excited about this year. We have a lot of things planed. First with our single “Rock Steady” dropping; then our album DANCE or DIE coming soon after. Look up our song with Amine “Albania Beach” we just shot a video for it, which is doing really well over in Europe. Also we got some events planned for WMC this year in Miami. A lot more viral videos on the way. Basically what we want to say is “get ready for Kulture Shock”. Our time is now so get ready to Dance or Die. Shoutout to Big Chuck the boss. E class. DJ Kore who is like the fourth member of the group and of course our whole staff and team at Poe Boy. Kulture Shock this is 2012.