Nipsey Hussle’s Siblings Samantha and Blacc Sam along with the mother of his first born had a breakdown while in court fighting over guardianship of Emani Asghedom leaving everyone in tears. They were in court today May 15, 2019. The rapper’s baby’s mother Tanisha was at the hearing being one of the first times seeing her daughter Emani in months.

The judge emptied the room giving them some personal time for about 20 minutes to spend some quality mother and daughter time with each other. Apparently they pushed the hearing until Friday to make a final decision on finances and custody. Nipsey’s Brother Blacc Sam had also filed a declaration in support of receiving guardianship of their niece. The reason of all this according to Nipsey’s family is he took care of his daughter since the mother was unable to care for her. Samantha states she’s played a big role in raising his daughter and say’s her reason for seeking guardianship is to “ensure the continued stability for Emani and ensure that she will be able to maintain her current and ongoing relationship with their family.”