Post Malone who reached success earlier this year with his break thru hit “White Iverson” has already inked a record deal with Republic Records.His real name is Austin Post and is from Dallas Texas which explains his love for gold teeth.Post who both sings and raps got his big break after moving to L.A.

There he met Rich from FKI Music who he co produced “White Iverson” and a few other songs with.After recording the songs two days later he uploaded the new track to his Sound Cloud and it quickly gained over a million plays.With this type of reaction it wasn’t long before record companies came calling.

He released the video for “White Iverson” in July and since has then has gained over 17,000,000,00 views on You Tube.

He recently released another video entitled mood which is an ode to 50 cent’s window shopper in which he shows of his lyrical ability,for anyone doubting his skills.

Keep an eye on this up and coming mc and see if he has what it takes to survive the brutal rap game.

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