An NBC 5 News crew covering the Deion and Pilar Sanders custody battle got  caught up in a different story outside the Collin County Courthouse in McKinney,  Wednesday morning.

NBC 5′s Kendra Lyn and her photographer were yards away when a fight broke out between a husband and wife in the parking lot.

Lyn said the man seriously beat the woman and pulled her hair and once she was down on the ground he repeatedly kicked her — at least seven times according to NBC 5 photojournalist Kerry Smith. He and other people at the courthouse rushed to stop the man.

Smith recorded video just moments after the incident as deputies from the  courthouse put Patrick Knox in cuffs.

Meanwhile the woman, identified as Shenekque Nash-Knox, laid on the ground  for some 20 minutes. She was taken to Baylor Medical Center in McKinney for  treatment.

Nash-Knox’s attorney told NBC 5 she was at the courthouse because she’s a  defendant in a car burglary trial. Her attorney, Andrew Peveto, said he believes  Knox may have thought Nash-Knox was going to implicate him in the crime and  wanted to silence her.

Because of the altercation in the parking lot, the judge sent the jury in the  car burglary trial home.

Knox faces three felony charges for assault on a family member, aggravated  assault and retaliation.

Check out the video below: