No Kanye this cant be so, I really dont think this is true but mediatakeout his implicating otherwise. MediaTakeout reported that Jay-Z lent a close friend millions because the famous friend was having some slight financial difficulties.

I haven't seen recent reports of Kanye having financial difficulties, he is being sued left and right but thats the price you pay when your famous, (people will try to suck you dry). But as far as borrowing several millions from Jay-Z, I doubt it.

Dont forget he is now part of the Kardashian klan, they wont allow a broke Kanye, Kris Jenner will make sure he works.




According to MediaTakeOut


March 03, 2014: Our good friends at just sent us the crazy Blind item. These guys are usually ON POINT with the ish they report:

[Which] A list celeb/rapper with A+ list name recognition is struggling so much financially that he has borrowed several million dollars from Jay-Z and hasn't paid him anything back yet which is a source of serious contention between the pair.

 The person borrowing the money does everything he can to avoid Jay.
Dang that sounds like Kanye, we hope it ain't him . . .


 What yall think???