Monday night things got a little serious on the season 2 premiere of VH1 Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Fans are sure to see a lot more turn up in upcoming episodes.

Omarion & Apryl:

On the last season of L&HHH, Omarion and Apryl became new parents that welcomed their son Megaa into the World. This season, Aprul tries to spice her and Omarion’s sex life back up with a little bump and grind. Apryl had a come back for that ass. She surprised Omarion at the dance studio wearing nothing but a coat and some lingerie. We can imagine what went down after the cameras turned off.

Ray J & Princess Love:

Ray J aint’ nothing but a playa’. In this season, it looks like Ray J and Princess will be crowed King and Queen of drama. So Princess told Ray J that if he wanted to do right by her, he had to get rid of his bachelor pad. Oops! We meant “office”. Our bad! Ray J couldn’t get rid of the office without one last turn up and of course, Princess got wind of it and busted through the doors. She tried to beat the breaks off of one of the strippers in there who had a loose mouth and had something smart to say. Say whatttttt! This piece of drama has everyone sitting on the edge of their seats.

Rich Dollaz & Moniece

Love birds! In the beginning of the episode, Moniece tells her girls that she is happily in love with someone new. Towards the end of the show, her love for Rich Dollaz comes to light. Yes, we are talking about Rich from the “New York” episodes and if you followed him back then, then you know that his life is full of drama. We just hope Moniece knows what she is getting herself into.

Hazel E:

We didn’t see much of her in the premiere of the L&HHH but she has revealed that her and Yung Berg’s relationship no longer exist and that she’s patching her and Teairra friendship back up.

Teairra Mari:

Teairra has shown us a different side to her since the first episode. She gives Princess some relationship advice. Now lets sit back and see what will happen in further episodes.

Miles Brock & Milan Christopher:

Miles and Milan are new cast members on this episode. Milan reveals that he wants to settle down and start a family with his boyfriend. The catch is, Miles is his boyfriend and he has been hesitant about coming out publicly about his sexuality. Miles has stated that in the hip-hop community, it’s hard being accepted when you are a gay male and when the time is right, he will come out.

What did you think of this season so far? What couple are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below.