Ray J makes his way to the Breakfast Club for a reunion.  Ray J was actually the first guest that the breakfast club ever had,  I guess you can say Ray J “Hit It First”!  Ray J not only is the host “The Bad Girls Club All Stars” he may be  dating Teairra Mari’.  He tells The Breakfast Club that “that’s my…ah…she wit me all day. I been knowing Tiara since…shhh…a long time.  We been rocking for a minute ans I got nothing but love for her”.  It is a known fact that the two dated and seems that the two have gotten back together now.  Ray J then goes on to speak about his infamous Fabolous rant.  This Ray J rant was the talk of everyone’s town not to long ago, even Rick Ross referenced in his song with Nikki Minaj, “You the Boss” when stating, “Indoor pools, outdoor pools talking Ray J moves”.  Listen to Ray J’s entire rant here.

Fabolous’ response to Ray J first rant.

Ray J does state that he was officially roasted in Vegas on Henny, Ciroc and whatever other liquor he was passed the day he spazzed out on air about known rapper Fabolous.  He says he only has one Roles Royce not seven and he just blacked out.  When asked if his song” I Hit It First” which debuted at number 3 on Billboards, was about Kim K this is what he had to say. ”


The song is about something I did.  I been in a few relationships is just some are more popular than others. I Hit It First is just a term that dudes say. I got nothing but respect.  I never came out and talked about how anybody looked or how she smells…”  Angela Yee, 1/3 of the Breakfast Club, then goes into the details of the Ray J and Kim K sex tape.  She states that Kim K’s juice box looked kind of dry  and that Ray J had to keep spitting on her juice box.

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When asked if rap star Kayne West has reached out to him re: the song Ray J shakes his head no.  Even Though Ray J says no the Morning show goes on to warn Ray J that he should be scared and to watch out.  They say Kayne has been looking very mean and scary when seen in the streets.  Rumors have been surfacing that Kayne offered recording deals for artist not to get on Ray J’s new single, “I Hit It First”.


Ray J is still with the Money Team and just wants to stop all the beef and get to work getting this money.  Life is too short to do anything else.  The 24hourhiphop staff send our condolences to Ray J and the Norwood family re: the loss of their Grandmother.  Our prayers are with you during this time.